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“Amie was absolutely incredible. I cannot put into words how accurate and detailed her reading was. I am so grateful to have been able to have this experience with her.”


“Get ready to feel all the emotions, I cried & laughed through it all. I HIGHLY recommend you book a session today! I’ll forever be grateful for my experience! ”


“AMAZING!! One of a kind experience. Amie is a beautiful soul with a welcoming and comforting presence. I couldn’t imagine a better session with anyone else!”


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By utilizing her advanced skills in spiritual mediation, our founder Amie M Balesky The Balesky Experience is able to provide clients with accurate insight into a variety of life’s most difficult facets.


Story of the Month: May 2023


"Fentanyl Kills"

Taylor came to me to connect her with her Brother Aiden. Aiden's spirit was so excited to speak he rushed me every bit of information he could. Aiden had crossed over suddenly due to a Fentanyl Poisoning.  He knew everything that was going on and wanted his sister to know that he was now her guide through this life and the next.

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Dissatisfied with your life growth?

We get it, exponential growth is hard. With so many moving pieces it’s easy to spend your time reacting and putting out fires. We can help.

You have lost your direction in life You have lost your direction in life?

Look for someone who could help you find your relatives?

You don't know how to quiet your mind, while gaining clarity for your life?


How we can help

General Reading

A General overview of the client’s life, events, and choices.

Living Relations

Living Relations

Relationship Questions? Family Issues? Guidance on those in your life?

Passed Loved One(s)

Passed Loved One(s)

Gain Communication with a passed loved one.

Near Future

Near Future

Get a Birds eye view on what is up and coming

Life Guidance & Balance

Life Guidance & Balance

What do you do? Where do you go from here?

Spiritual Coaching

Spiritual Coaching

Spiritual guidance. Remove negative energies and influences.

Meditation & Relaxation Training

Meditation & Relaxation Training

How to quiet your mind, while gaining clarity for your life

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