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Frequently Asked Questions

What products and services does The Balesky Experience Offer?

The Balesky Experience offers a variety of services including online educational classes, webinars, mediumship services(readings), and various retail items such as candles. If you would like to read more about our products please Click Here > SHOP

What is a Spiritual Medium?

Our Spiritual Medium, Amie Balesky is someone who functions as an intermediary connecting and communicating with the spirits of your passed loved ones. This connection is made by your personal connection to the person you lost, and Amie’s ability to quiet her mind and connect to their spirit through you. If you would like to read more about her  and this process, please Click Here > About Us

Can I use your services from my country?

Yes! The Balesky Experience has clients located in countries throughout the world. Our meetings, webinars, and classes are online based and therefore easy to attend from anywhere. We also ship our retail products internationally.

How do I book a reading appointment?

You can book an online appointment from anywhere on our website by clicking the BOOK NOW  button located in the header menu of the website. If you would like to book an appointment please Click Here >BOOK NOW

How much is a reading appointment?

Our two most popular reading size/duration are 30 Minutes at $390, and 1 Hour at $750. Adding multiple attendees by selecting a Group Reading can effect the cost.

Should I be alone or can I bring others to my Reading Appointment?

If you have booked a standard(non group) appointment then you will need to make sure you are in attendance ALONE. If you wish to have multiple family/friends in attendance with you then you will need to book a Group Reading. Please note we ALWAYS recommend attending a standard reading prior to booking a Group Reading as these appointments can be VERY PERSONAL. If you would like to book a reading appointment please Click Here >BOOK NOW

Where and How will I attend my Reading Appointment?

Your appointment will be held online via a private Zoom video conference room. Once you have booked your appointment you will receive multiple confirmation emails containing the time, date, and instructions for your appointment. You will also receive a calendar invite containing your meeting link which is compatible with most major PC, MAC, Chromebook, and mobile calendar systems. It is HIGHLY recommended you add this calendar invite to your daily calendar for reminders. You may also view your appointment information and meeting link within your My Account here on the site. If you would like to visit your account please Click Here > MY ACCOUNT

How Do I Use ZOOM?

To view more information on how to properly use the ZOOM video conferencing system, please click here> ZOOM GUIDE

What if my passed loved one did not speak english?

During the reading process your passed loved one communicates with Amie using words, images, and feelings as THEY understood them. This works like an internal translator, meaning that we are able to communicate with any Passed Loved One no matter what language they spoke.

What if I don't speak english?

Our services are primarily provided in English. If you are unable to understand and/or speak English it is recommended you bring along a translator to your Reading Appointment. We make attendance exceptions for translators and allow them to attend single person meetings WITHOUT paying for a group.

Do you offer in person readings?

No we do not offer any in-person services. All appointments/events are held online via the Zoom client.

What time zone are the appointments in?

All appointments and meetings will display their times in YOUR timezone. This means the appointment information on the website during booking, calendar invites after booking, AND all emailed reminders after booking ARE displaying the time of your appointment in YOUR timezone.

Why has the zoom call not started yet?

Often times due to technical issues your appointment may start slightly later then expected. However you are guaranteed the allotted time and the meeting will continue until it has been fully served. If you have access your meeting link and the message says “Waiting For Host To Start Meeting”, then you are in the RIGHT PLACE. Please wait on that screen and The Balesky will be with you in a moment.

Can I extend my meeting from 30 minutes to a full hour?

This sort of adjustment is handled on a case by case basis. To make an extensions request please contact customer service by Clicking Here > CONTACT US


PLEASE NOTE: Extending your appointment could result in the Time and Date of the appointment changing. If your extension is approved you will be asked to book the additional 30 minute appointment through the traditional booking method. You will then contact customer service with the order number, time, or date, and they will then merge the additional time into your existing appointment.

Do appointments ever get moved forward?

Yes! We actually have a “Cancellation List” that we pull from in the event that someone cancels or reschedules last minute. Individuals must first book an appointment and then email us with that information requesting to be put on the cancellation list. We will contact you if a slot becomes available and it is your turn on the list.

Will my reading be shared on social media?

NO. Your readings will kept 100% private. We will ALWAYS request written permission from you prior to using any content/recording related to your appointment.

Where can I see upcoming Webinars and Classes?

You can see a list of available Webinars and Classes by heading over to the events page. To see a list of upcoming events please Click Here > EVENTS

What is a Webinar?

A webinar is an online, large group, topic based, speaker event. These events are held on the Zoom Webinars platform. Our Webinars are scheduled throughout the year and cover a variety of topics. To see a list of upcoming events please Click Here > EVENTS

What is a Class?

Our classes are online based and use a combination of group lessons, 1 on 1 meetings, and individualized learning plans to facilitate the learning experience. The online attendance is facilitated via Zoom. To see a list of upcoming classes please Click Here > EVENTS

What happens if I miss my Webinar?

All webinars are recorded and those that have paid for attendance and are unable to attend may contact us to receive a copy of this recording. No refunds will be provided for those who miss their scheduled webinar. To contact us please Click Here > CONTACT US

What Happens If I Miss My Class

All classes are recorded and those that have paid for attendance and are unable to attend may contact us to receive a copy of this recording. No refunds will be provided for those who miss their scheduled class. To contact us please Click Here > CONTACT US

PLEASE NOTE: That attendance and class participation are tracked and required in order to receive your certificate. If you are found to be negligible in these areas you may become ineligible to receive a certificate at the end of your class.

How do I access MY Account?

You may access your account via desktop at anytime by clicking the circular person icon located to the right of the Book Now button in the header menu. To access your account via mobile click the menu button and scroll down to reveal the the little circular person icon and click on that. If you would like to visit Your Account now please Click Here > MY ACCOUNT

How do I edit my log-in information?

You may edit your log-in details including username and password by going to the Account Details tab located within the My Account portion of the website. To edit your log-in details now please Click Here > ACCOUNT DETAILS

How do I edit my billing and shipping addresses?

You may edit your billing and shipping address by going to the Account Details tab located within the My Account portion of the website. To edit your billing and shipping address now please Click Here > ACCOUNT DETAILS

PLEASE NOTE: Your billing and shipping address can be entered at checkout. During checkout you will also have the option to save this information for future use which will automatically save it to your ACCOUNT DETAILS page.

Where can I view my upcoming appointments?

You may view a brief list of your appointments on the Account Dashboard located within the My Account portion of the website. Here you will see a calendar that will display the current month and highlight any days on which you have events or appointments. Below said calendar you will also see a brief list that will list your next four upcoming events or appointments. You can view further details including meeting/event links by clicking View Details option located to the right of the event/appointment title. In addition to the dashboard, you may also view your upcoming appointments/events in the Appointments tab, and Events tab, both located within the My Account portion of the website. From these areas you can see information such as Topic, Date, Time, and directly access the appointment/event link.

What are Reward Points and when can they be redeemed?

Your Rewards are located in your My Account. You can earn reward points several different ways. Points are earned each time you make a purchase with us. You get 2 points for every $1 you spend! You can also earn points when you follow the prompts located in the rewards section of your account showing where to follow us on our various social media accounts. Finally, you can earn points by sharing your custom referral link with others and then IF they use that link to make a purchase, you will earn points for that. Your custom referral link is located in the Rewards section of your My Account. Just copy and paste to share it with your friends and family. When you’re ready to redeem your rewards, this can be done at checkout on any purchase you make with us.  View your points here> REWARD POINTS

Do you offer refunds?

We do provide refunds for our goods and services, however each is subject to its own refund policy. To  review our refund policy please Click Here > TERMS & CONDITIONS


PLEASE NOTE: Online based events and appointments are fully refundable UP-TO within 7 days of the event/service date. Physical retail items may be eligible for a refund up to 45 days from purchase date.

When is payment due for an appointment?

When booking an appointment your payment is due in-full at time of booking. This is because your time slot is held and will be unavailable to others.

Do we offer payment plans?

No. Unfortunately at this time we do not have a system in place that would allow us to track and manage payment plans. We may update this in the future.

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