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The Balesky Experience operates to bring its clients peace of mind, comfort, and answers unattainable by other means. By utilizing her advanced skills in spiritual mediation, our founder Amie M Balesky can provide clients with accurate insight into a variety of life’s most difficult facets. From relationship issues to business concerns, to unresolved feelings after the death of a loved one, people across the world are often left feeling that these, and other unknowns must remain so. They are either unaware that there is a viable path to answers or have been misled by others offering services that were disingenuous and ineffective. But answers do exist, and we at The Balesky Experience are here to provide the way. By combining Amie Balesky’s unique talents, with the latest in conferencing technology, not only are we able to provide a uniquely satisfying and effective experience, but we can touch the lives of people across the globe. In an industry reasonably assailed by skepticism, doubt, and outright criticism, The Balesky Experience strives to be the exception and guiding light by providing substantial and accurate answers, in a comfortable and confidential setting to all its clients no matter where they are.


About Amie


1995 year

Life was never really “normal” for me. At the age of 5, I found out that I had Wilms tumor to which I lost my Kidney. I also had my first near-death experience. I cannot remember everything, but I do remember that when I came back that I had more compassion, empathy, and understanding of others. I became obsessed with not toys but history, art, and music. Life was an amazing adventure not a gauntlet of challenges to me. I started to “feel” and “sense” things. I remember talking to my Mom about her Father that had passed way before my birth and she just looked at me in amazement. She always just accepted it and allowed it to grow. I would read people randomly in the grocery store as a child or my teachers at school. They would just stare at me in amazement and I just thought it was normal.

2007 year

In Highschool, I was the person that would read my friends or tell people when things were going to happen. I was always the one that people came to for advice. In my early twenties, I began a career in sales. I found that my unique abilities were actually put to use in sales and in many ways it helped me to realize my gift. Through a series of transactions I eventually began receiving requests from my clients to perform a “Reading” for them. Though an indirect method I believe this stage in my life may have brought my gift to my attention for the first time.

2008 year

At 22 I had my 2nd near-death experience due to having a child. I remember seeing my grandmother and not wanting to go back because I felt more alive there than I had ever felt on earth. However, obviously it was not my time and upon my return I found my abilities to be even more pronounced. Unfortunately my husband(now ex-husband) at the time was unable to come to terms with what I did. He thought it was “weird” and, despite the significant amount of positive feedback he witnessed, he would urge me to “shut it down” and “just be normal”. I’m happy to say that this was simply not an option for me.

2009 year

After healing I was released from the hospital and things just seemed WAY brighter. The colors were more vivid. I felt empathy not only for my family but for the random people on the street. It was amazing. When I started my sessions again it was like I had gained a superpower and I realized that this is what I need to do! I need to help people gain clarity, closure, and help them realize that we are not dead when we die, but more alive than ever! So many people forget that this life is a gift and we need to live every moment to the fullest, but we also need to realize that the people we love are right there with us. They are cheering us on, loving us, and guiding us every step of the way.

2012 year

At 23 I found out that I have a rare genetic disorder that makes me fall apart. Ehlers Danlos Syndrome is what they called it. The Doctors also told me that I had to have a slew of surgeries to stay alive. So slowly one by one they happened. One always more intense than the last. During these surgeries whether it be from Sepsis, blood loss, or plummeting blood pressure I had three more near-death experiences. On my last one, I remember looking at the doctors below me as they worked on my body. I could see my mother outside of the room. I kept telling her “do not worry I am fine!” It was the most amazing feeling ever! I felt overwhelming love and peace. Nothing else mattered. Nothing! After a series of different medications I emerged from my drug induced haze what felt like a week later in a hospital bed. I immediately began crying because I was back in my body where all the pain was.

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