Telephone to the Afterlife 10-18


Friday – October 18th 2024 – 6:00-8:00 PM cst.


Telephone To The Afterlife


Join our Spiritual Medium, Amie Balesky, for a night of learning and FREE LIVE READINGS. In this live webinar, Amie will teach you all about Spirit, what happens when we cross over and how YOU can communicate with the spirits of your own passed loved ones. After a time of learning, willing participants will be randomly selected from the audience, and Amie will perform FREE live readings! Spirits of your loved ones are with you all throughout life, so come learn how to hear what they have to say and maybe even get a Free reading while you’re there!


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    By utilizing her advanced skills in spiritual meditation and mediumship, our founder and Spiritual Medium, Amie Balesky provides her clients and students with accurate insights into a variety of life’s most difficult facets. In an industry that is fraught with skepticism, doubt and outright criticism, we strive to be the exception and provide a guiding light to substantial and accurate answers. Our webinars and classes are designed to teach anyone how they can communicate with spirits, learn mediumship skills, and to always pay attention to the signs that are all around us every day.


    All webinars and classes are held online via Zoom. This means you get to enjoy watching and learning from Amie right from the comfort of your own home! In events that offer the Free Readings, willing participants will be asked to raise their hand via a button located on the Zoom window. If selected they will be asked to turn their camera and mic on, and agree to being on camera and recorded.


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