Story of the Month: October 2023

Love is the Key to Spirit

For October 2023 Story of the Month I had the honor of channeling a Die Hard Fan of mine Kylene. I was able to connect her with her Best Friend who tragically lost her life 20 years prior. Her Best Friends Soul was able to come through and give amazing confirmations in order to show Kylene that she is most defiantly apart of her life and knows about her daughter and their cool connection. Thank you for letting me channel your loved ones! Remember that Love is the Key to Spirit Communication!

Story of the Month: August 2023

“Surprise! Its A Cat Ghost!”

I chose this amazing session for my August Story of the Month to show how sometimes when you want one spirit to come in you actually bring in the whole family. My client had never seen a medium before and had no idea what to expect and neither did I. She had an amazing group of people and cat step forward to let her know she’s not alone on her life journey and to take a vacation.


Story of the Month: July 2023

“Dead Friends Tell All”

My client was looking to connect with 3 amazing souls. Her Mother, Father, and Best friend all stepped forward but it was her Best friend who really stole the show. Her best friend was able to clairy her shadey passing showed my client that she will be by not only her but her daughters side for the rest of both their lives.


Story of the Month: May 2023

“Fentanyl Kills”

Taylor came to me to connect her with her Brother Aiden. Aiden’s spirit was so excited to speak he rushed me every bit of information he could. Aiden had crossed over suddenly due to a Fentanyl Poisoning.  He knew everything that was going on and wanted his sister to know that he was now her guide through this life and the next.

Story of the Month: January 2022

Story Of The Month: January 2022

Ireland needed desperately to reach out to her late father. She was unable to be with him in passing and for years has been unable to find closure. After being denied in life the type of connection every daughter deserves…here and now she was able to be with her daddy.

Story of the Month: April 2023

Story Of The Month: April 2023

“A Murder Most Foul”

Makenzie came to me looking for answers for her sisters passing. Her sister was able be bring clarification on her murder even though the authorities are still scratching their heads. She revealed that her spirit is still very much apart of all of her families lives and even tries to bring light where it seems only darkness can be. Laughter, Light, Clarification but mostly love was the key in this Very Special April Story of the Month.

Story Of The Month: February 2023

Story Of The Month: February 2023

For February Story of the Month. My client had a wonderful reunion with her Mother. Her Mothers soul was able to validate what has been going on since her passing. Her Mother showed her daughter that there were no hard feelings even though prior to passing their relationship wasn’t the best.  This was wonderful session that my client will not forget nor will I.

Story of the Month: December 2022

Story Of The Month: December 2022

This is a very special December Story of the Month. My client wanted to reach out to three very special people in her life. Her Grandmother, Her Best friend, and he first love. They were able to all come through and give her peace, clarity, and most of all the love and guidance that she needed in her life.

Story of the Month: November 2022

Story Of The Month: November 2022

We finally are able to share the heart gripping story of our longtime client Christine whom came to use reaching out for her passed husband and daughter. Enjoy this months story as you watch Amie reconnect her with her most precious loved ones.

Story of the Month: October 2022

Story Of The Month: October 2022

Our client reaches out for help after losing both her father and her husband. Enjoy this Story of the Month as her fathers spirit helps to bring forward her late husband for some much needed reprimands and closure.