My experience with Amie was absolutely amazing. She was able to help bring me closure. She was able to connect me with my grandmother who passed unexpectedly 11 months ago. She was able to tell me things only my grandmother would know.


I had a mediumship and near future reading with Amie a few weeks ago and it was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. I follow a lot of mediums online, and hands down, I’ve never seen anyone else who can connect with spirit the way she does.

Trisha Lavery

Amie is wonderful, She gets all the info correct even though you don’t know it right away, but later on I found out it was all correct. Amie is very kind, gentle, and very personable. Would recommend her to anyone. Already booked my next session with her.


After 2 readings, I hope for more. Amie is the real deal. Her amazing life and experiences make her the most compassionate medium. She is willing to deal with intense emotions and at the same time she is a bundle of fun. Book up now, she will be busy for a long time.


I can’t say how much I enjoyed my reading with Amie. She was definitely connected to my person on the other side, and she was spot on. I cried, she cried, and that made me happy. She is absolutely the best! YES! I would get another reading with her in a heartbeat.

AL Khan

If you are seeking a major shift in your life. You had a conversation with someone that was incomplete. Are you unable to communicate with someone for some reason? Reading with Amie is just what you are looking for… I would highly recommend a session with her. Will it solve all your problems or create new ones haha. Come what may – you should sign up for a session – you won’t regret it. For a very long time – I was looking for answers & Amie got me there. You will find answers too – take this leap of faith. Don’t give up.

Elizabeth Snooks

I had a reading a little over a month ago and all I have to say is, Amie is absolutely wonderful! Super easy to talk to and doesn’t make things uncomfortable during your reading! Would highly recommend her to anyone that is interested in getting a reading!!

Carle Winnie

I have had multiple readings with Amie and they were amazing. The first one was life-changing. It gave me hope for my future without my mom. Thanks, Amie! You’re amazing!