Advanced Channeling Class 2024


Group Dates: July 26th, and September 13th

Time: 6:00-830pm CST.

Personalized Program Segments: Scheduled After Registration



PREREQUISITES: Introductory Channeling Class




2   x   Skill Building Group Educational Classes

2   x   Pre-Selected Paired Practice Sessions Supervised by TheBalesky.

2   x   One on One Personal Mentorship Sessions with TheBalesky

1   x   Personal Follow-Up Session with TheBalesky

1   x   Instructional “Channeling Preparation & Assessment” Video

1   x   Personalized Self Assessment Outline & Progress Plan

    +  Private access to our NEW advanced channeling class support groups.

    +  Copy of all class recordings for personal review.

    +  Advanced Tier Life-Long Coupons!


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    Class Description: During the Advanced Channeling Class we will be learning some of the advanced skills and tools used in spiritual mediation. You will study proper practicing techniques, the do’s and don’ts of channeling, how to assess your mistakes, and identify and overcome your “blockers”. You will practice in real-time under the supervision of professional Spiritual medium The Balesky, whom will provide personalized feed back during you’re personal one on one sessions. This course will include two (2.5) hour educational group sessions that will cover the best methods for practice, things to avoid, as well as the art of rigorous self-assessment. You will then put your skills to the test during (2) supervised and paired practice sessions followed bv (2)one on one assessments with TheBalesky. If you are looking to take your skills to the next level then join us for the exciting experience! We look forward to being a part of your journey!

    This Program Includes

    Group Session #1 Welcome to the Advanced Channeling course! Here we will cover various applications and practice methods, equip you with the tools to properly assess yourself, along with some of the best tips and tricks.

    Group Session #2 During this closing session we will be focusing on how to overcome some of the various blockers we have discovered along the way. We will develop our proper assessment and growth plans so we may continue to progress in our spiritual journey.

    2 x Paired and Supervised Practice Sessions: You will be paired up with a fellow classmate selected specifically to help you practice and grow. Your practice sessions will be recorded and personally reviewed by TheBalesky in order to provide you with a personalized education experience.

    2 x One on One Sessions:  This is your private one on one time with ThaBalesky. Channeling is different for everyone and here we will cover some of your specific issues and how you may overcome them. You will review your practice sessions in detail and get the hands on personal education this delicate art requires.

    1 x Follow-Up Session:  TheBalesky will be personally checking in with you to make sure you are progressing, answer your questions, and help keep you on the right path.

    1 x Instructional “Channeling Preparation & Assessment” Video:  A per-recorded educational reference tool to help you get into “the zone” each and every time.

    1 x Self Assessment Outline: A personalized outline to help you assess and advance your skills in the art of channeling.

        +  Private access to our NEW advanced channeling class support groups.

        +  Copy of all class recordings for personal review.

        +   Advanced Tier Life-Long Coupon Codes


    To the NEW The Balesky Experience “Advanced Classroom” discord channel.  Here you will be able to chat with TheBalesky, share your personal channeling experiences, and collaborate with other registered class mates.

    DISCORD: This is our community chat where you will be encouraged to share your experiences with your classmates and others. You will also be given special access to private rooms here that ONLY your classmates have access to. This is a great place to brainstorm and study with your piers. Please use the download link below to access the program and then you may use the Private Group link to access our private server.

                   Download Link:

    Private Group Link:


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