Introduction To Channeling Q4


Group Dates:  November 1st, November 15th, December 6th       

Time: 6:00-830pm CST.

Introduction to Channeling Class Includes:

3   x   Skill Building Group Educational Classes

1   x   Personal Follow-Up Mentorship Session with TheBalesky

1   x   Instructional “Meditation Preparation” Video

    +  Private access to our NEW Introductory Channeling Class support groups.

    +  Copy of all class recordings for personal review.

    +   Life-Long Coupon Codes for ALL GRADUATES!


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    Class Description: This Introduction To Channeling Course will cover the basic techniques of meditation and channeling. We will begin by learning how to prepare our mind, body, and surroundings to create the optimal environment for the channeling process. We will learn about the different techniques involved in both meditation and channeling. We will also learn about the practical and appropriate applications of this ability. Finally, we will PRACTICE! Tasks/Homework will be assigned to be completed in between classes and all sessions will be recorded for review. You will also receive special access to personal support from myself and the community. See below for class breakdown.

    Class#1 In this class we will cover introduction to the channeling experience and the responsibilities that come with the ability. We will learn how to prepare your mind, body, and surroundings to create the optimal channeling environment.

    Class#2 During this second class we will focus on the feelings and energies that we will experience while channeling. We will learn about meditation techniques, and how focusing the mind and body. By the end of this class the goal is to have everyone ready to begin practice.

    Class#3 During this final portion of the introductory class we will learn about the practical applications of channeling and practice actual channeling and meditation.

    1 x Instructional “Meditation Preparation” Video:  A pre-recorded educational reference tool to help you properly prepare for mediation.

    1 x Follow-Up Session:  TheBalesky will be personally checking in with you to make sure you are progressing, answer your questions, and help keep you on the right path.

        +  Private access to our NEW intro to channeling class support groups.

        +  Copy of all class recordings for personal review.

        +   Life-Long Coupon Codes for ALL GRADUATES!


    To the NEW The Balesky Experience discord channel.  Here you will be able to chat with TheBalesky, share your personal channeling experiences, and collaborate with other registered class mates.

    DISCORD: This is our community chat where you will be encouraged to share your experiences with your classmates and others. You will also be given special access to private rooms here that ONLY your classmates have access to. This is a great place to brainstorm and study with your piers. Please use the download link below to access the program and then you may use the Private Group link to access our private server.

                   Download Link:

    Private Group Link:


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