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Introducing our exquisite Mindful Moments Candle. Indulge your senses with the rich and classic aroma of vanilla bean, delicately infused with sweet almond to add a nutty undertone that enhances the overall sweetness. To elevate the experience even further, we’ve added a touch of warm dark caramel, creating a seductive and indulgent fragrance that will leave you craving more. Crafted with care and attention to detail, this hand-poured candle is the perfect companion for moments of mindfulness and relaxation.

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Burn Time: 80+ Hours*

Fragrance Notes

Top : Buttercream, Nutmeg, Cinnamon

Mid : Warm Vanilla, Cake

Base : Sugar, Pralines, Bourbon

Burn Instructions

-Burn for NO LESS than 4 hours on first burn.

-Our lead FREE core-less wicks require minimal trimming.

-Discard once wax reaches ¼” from bottom of jar.

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    Handcrafted Luxury

    Hand-poured with love and care, all of our candles are crafted using only the highest quality ingredients. Each candle is made with 20oz of 100% Natural Soy Wax with ZERO additives and ZERO dyes to ensure a natural clean burn for hours of enjoyment. Our wicks are lead free, core-less, and made of all natural paper and cotton tightly wrapped to create a pleasant burning experience requiring little to no trimming. All our fragrance oils are phthalate-free and adhere to the RIFM and IFRA standards for safety and purity.

    Through elegant design, captivating scent combinations, and meticulously hand selected ingredients, our candles are not only a luxurious addition to your home decor, but delightful gift for your guests and loved ones.

    Inspiring Scents

    Experience a rich and dark aroma of vanilla bean, infused with roasted sweet almonds to add a nutty undertone that transports you to an elegant bakery. Explore the deepest parts of bourbon, pralines, warm dark caramel, creating a seductive and indulgent fragrance that will leave you craving more.

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    Remember “Love IS the Key.”

    Additional information

    Weight 2.25 lbs
    Dimensions 5.5 × 5.5 × 5 in

    37 reviews for Mindful Moments Candle

    1. Michelle N (verified owner)

      Just placed my second order! These candles are literally the best smelling candles ever. Even when not lite they make my house smell delicious

    2. Courtney Morris (verified owner)

      The packaging & quality of the candle is amazing!! This is my personal favorite scent…it’s so warm, cozy & inviting. My brother got approved for his first home with his fiancé right after my dad passed and I’m so excited to gift them this candle. I have so many memories of eating warm pralines on one of our many day trips to Savannah Georgia together. Will be ordering again!

    3. Kaitlyn K (verified owner)

      This is the most incredible candle I’ve had. The quality is impeccable. The first scent is so warm, and calming. The details of the packaging are luxurious.

    4. Chantel (verified owner)

      They are amazing… smell amazing and last a long time.. i love to light it after cleaning or while i am watching her on tiktok at night… my honey ordered my 1st one and i had to order another..

    5. Ariana Lupinacci (verified owner)

      I literally just got this candle in the mail a few hours ago. Immediately opened & lit it. First impressions: incredibly luxurious packaging around the candle itself. Then how beautiful the candle jar is. Perfectly clean and pure white jar. Now the smell… OH MY GOD. It smells so good I want to take a bite out of it! My sister came home & asked why it smelt like I had been roasting marshmallows LOL. I burnt it for 1-2 hours and the smell is truly incredible. It goes a long way too. I was walking all over my house smelling it in different rooms. I also would like to mention that I am super picky about candles as I suffer from chronic migraines and this did not trigger any headache symptoms for me- YAY!!! I can tell this is truly a clean luxury candle. I have another scent on the way and will definitely be purchasing more in the future. Absolutely perfect candle for meditation / setting an intention / receive messages from spirit. I would say the smell resembles a fresh baked cake that just came out of the oven- soooooo delicious.

    6. Kate Alexander (verified owner)

      Absolutely amazing!! And I am very picky about candle scents! You can smell each scent and I love it. I will be ordering another on asap!

    7. Katherine Kincaid (verified owner)

      I absolutely LOVE these candles. But Mindful Moments has got to be my ABSOLUTE favorite. My entire house smells amazing when I light This candle. Will most definitely be purchasing more. (:

    8. Stefanie Teegarden (verified owner)

      Mindful Moments is such a relaxing, soothing scent. I have ordered several candles & can tell you I will continue to order Balesky candles indefinitely. Amie should start a candle of the month club! Two thumbs up. :]

    9. Angela Ahlstedt (verified owner)

      I loved it so much, I bought a batch for gifts! My daughter opened the box, smiled wide and said it was like getting smacked in the face with a caramel cake lol Aimee and Chris really take you on a yummy journey with this one 🙂

    10. E’molly (verified owner)

      This candle * chefs kiss* 🤌🏻
      It’s simply delicious

    11. Megan Smith (verified owner)

      This candle smells soooo good. I love it so much. I can light it in my kitchen and smell it throughout the whole house.

    12. Annmarie Rudolph (verified owner)

      Smells so good! Nothing like this on the regular market. The fragrance and flame created a zen zone.

    13. Jayla Bartlett (verified owner)

      Absolutely love this candle ❤️

    14. Kassidy Methvin (verified owner)

      OH MY GOODNESS!! This is coming from someone who makes wax melts, this candle smells absolutely amazing!! It’s not overly sweet and the hot throw of this candle makes my whole house smell delicious. It’s a very nice candle and I can’t wait to get more! I HIGHLY recommend, and if you sign up for her rewards you can get a free candle with all the points you get!!

    15. Gavin Lomasney (verified owner)

      The candle smells amazing! I purchased this to keep as a decoration even without burning my living room smells amazing!!! The box is beautiful and even more special being signed, Thank you Amy❤️☺️

    16. Corrin Loomis (verified owner)

      Yes, yes, and yes!!! My husband and called and asked if I had ordered something. I said maybe…. and then he said it was from, “The Balesky.” But he said “sky” instead of “ski”… 😂 It took me a moment and then I told him to open it. He was so surprised by the smell and loved it. Asked if he could light it and i was offended 😂. The warm rustic vanilla, the packaging 🤌. It’s all wonderful. Absolutely in love with the smell, look, and warm fuzzy feeling it gives my house when it’s lit. Thank you Amie Balesky and her family for making such a luxe candle

    17. Kelli (verified owner)

      I bought all 3 candles and this one is my favorite smell. It smells delicious! I was so impressed with the heaviness of the candle and box. The gold design is beautiful.

    18. Rachel Braun (verified owner)

      This smells absolutely amazing! It’s the perfect mixture of sweet and mellow. We are picky candle people, and this is definitely top notch. I will definitely be trying the other scents. Great product from a great human being.

    19. Amanda Gullickson (verified owner)

      This is the best smelling most relaxing candle ever! Great quality and packaging. Wonderful customer service also very fast response time

    20. Stephanie Mooers

      I have now purchased all 3 candles and love them ALL. But out of the 3, it is Mindful Moments that I will continue to order. Someone said it’s a “hug in a jar” in their review and that is the perfect description. I love how my house smells when I have that candle burning. Top notch jar, packaging, candle quality and scent. What more can you want?

    21. Brittney Trinidad (verified owner)

      This candle smells So Divine! From the appearance to scent really really warms in altogether and shines with So much Love! 5 stars! overall AMAZING!!
      Thank you for sharing all you do ! 🙂 Xx

    22. Denise Britt (verified owner)

      Clean burning, delicious smell and beautiful packaging!!

    23. Cindi (verified owner)

      This candle smells AMAZING. It is such a smooth, almond-y, sweet scent. It is just perfect. Beautiful to look at, smell lasts long after burning. My favorite scent ever!!

    24. Cammie Rocamontes (verified owner)

      I LOVE this candle! As a baker, this candle legit smells like i am baking a fresh batch of cookies even when I’m not. Such a delicious scent! Also, my candle box was signed!!

    25. Heather Junkins (Virgo) (verified owner)

      Mindful Moments – I Love this candle I have been burning it daily. The smell of vanilla and almonds is Yummy! Its a very romantic, relaxing scent. I have never smelled anything like it. I walk in the room and it’s an AMAZING feeling I get smelling the aroma. I have purchased multiple, I will continue to purchase them.

    26. Melissa Pate (verified owner)

      Smells amazing!

    27. Tawnya (verified owner)

      Smells amazingggg!!

    28. tammy.gomez (verified owner)

      This is the family favorite it smells like warm sugar cookies. I love the vanilla buttery fragrance it gives off a filled with love vibe like a big hug from a loved one you haven’t seen in a while. The scent is just as strong as the first burn as we are almost finished with the 1st candle and have easily gotten more than 80 hours run time. Try all 3 scents and light at the same time in different parts of the house it’s like little scent kisses from heaven as you move through each room! Absolutely stunning packaging, the jars are elegant and sophisticated, the best candles on the market.

    29. Michael Jacoby

      We LOVE our Mindful Moments candles (Yes, we have(had) more than one!!)

      This scent is warm & inviting, makes me happy when it’s lit !! Burn time is nice & the soy wax delivers that wonderful vanilla, caramel, bourbon, cakey goodness !! YUM

    30. Kelly Lewis (verified owner)

      I honestly cannot describe how much I LOVE these candles!! I have purchased one of each, and I will definitely will be purchasing again. The beautiful packaging and quality glass enhance the overall aesthetic. The handmade touch with love adds a special quality to the product.

    31. theresa.klisiak (verified owner)

      I am a candle junkie and this is one of the best fragrances yet. I had it burning and my grand daughter was disappointed when she found out I wasn’t baking cookies…it was the candle! Beautiful packaging too

    32. Mary Martin

      This one is my absolute favorite!!! One word…AMAZING!!! I have all 3! Best candles hands down! I also received an autograph!! Thank you for making the best candles ever!! Only ones I will buy from here on out!!!!!

    33. Hannah Huartson (verified owner)

      Oh my goodness this candle!!! Absolutely love this one and it smells so yummy and fragrant. Makes me want to bake everytime I light it. The sweet and nutty scent makes my home feel so welcoming and comfy. Wish this candle was edible because the mixture of aromas in this candle makes it seem like it would taste phenomenal!! Completely in love!

    34. Michelle Mathis (verified owner)

      I absolutely LOVE the smell and aesthetic of Amie’s candles! If you are looking for a warm buttery vanilla smell that brings a cozy feeling to the room, this is it! and I promise it will NOT disappoint! The packaging is beautiful, and the jar that the candle comes in is high quality thick glass! I burn mine every single day and I get tons of compliments when people come to my home. I will definitely be ordering more!

    35. krysten.barrera (verified owner)

      This scent brings a warm comforting feel to any room! Makes my home feel like home and it smells AMAZING!! 10/10 highly recommended.

    36. marvalee.willsey (verified owner)

      This candle smells amazing and burns beautifully! The packaging is also very nice with a sturdy box and the pretty gold decor. I’m glad i.chose this one as my first candle to try and can’t wait to get the orhers!

    37. Angela Ahlstedt (verified owner)

      If you want to be hugged by a candle, this is for you. I use it as a memorial candle or a pick me up feeling. If I light it in my upstairs bedroom, I can smell it all the way down to my kitchen. A little piece of Amie mixed with the intoxicating scent is perfection 🙂

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